Research Interests:

Healthcare Operations Management, Empirical Service Operations Management, Behavioral Operations Management

Publications (as of March 2022) ** = industry or clinical collaborator

  1. Kamalahmadi, M., Bretthauer, K., Helm, J., Mills, A., Coe**, E., Judy-Malcolm**, A., Kara**, A., & Pan**, J. forthcoming. Mixing it up: Operational impact of hospitalist caseload and case-mix, Management Science.

    • 2018 POMS College of Health Care Operations Management Best Paper Competition - Winner

  2. Kamalahmadi, M., Yu, Q., & Zhou., Y (2021). Call to duty: Just-in-time scheduling in a restaurant chain. Management Science, 67 (11), 6751-6781.

Working Papers

3. Impact of telehealth on appointment adherence in ambulatory care

  • Co-authors: Christos Zacharias, Howard Gitlow, Stephen Demers**, Cristina Rubio-Delgado**, Katelyn Walker**

4. Racial and gender biases in customer satisfaction surveys: Evidence from a restaurant chain

  • Co-authors: Qiuping Yu, Yong-pin Zhou


5. Improving rural access to care

  • Co-authors: Kurt Bretthauer, Jonathan Helm, Rodney Parker

6. Equity and efficiency in hospital physicians' work structure

  • Co-authors: Alex Mills, Jonathan Helm, Kurt Bretthauer, Areeba Kara**, Edwin Coe**

Other Publications

7. Kamalahmadi, M., Shekarian, M., & Parast, M. (2021). The impact of flexibility and redundancy on improving supply chain resilience to disruptions. International Journal of Production Research, 1-29.

8. Parast, M. M., Sabahi, S., & Kamalahmadi, M. (2019). The Relationship Between Firm Resilience to Supply Chain Disruptions and Firm Innovation. In Revisiting Supply Chain Risk (pp. 279-298). Springer, Cham.

9. Kamalahmadi, M., & Parast, M. M. (2017). An assessment of supply chain disruption mitigation strategies. International Journal of Production Economics, 184, 210-230.

10. Kamalahmadi, M., & Parast, M. (2016). Developing a resilient supply chain through supplier flexibility and reliability assessment. International Journal of Production Research, 54(1), 302-321.

11. Kamalahmadi, M., & Parast, M. M. (2016). A review of the literature on the principles of enterprise and supply chain resilience: Major findings and directions for future research. International Journal of Production Economics, 171, 116-133.